Hooded nozzles direct herbicide just to areas between rows of grain sorghum.  Photo by Jack Dykinga.  From: USDA Photo Gallery

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About Us

Since 1991, Agrosoft Systems© has been bringing easy-to-use software to the agriculture industry. PestCalc dB©, the pesticide rate calculation and unit conversion software, and the Record Keeper©, a pesticide application records tracker, were our hallmark products. Many farmers, greenhouse growers, seed companies, chemical companies, pest exterminators, federal and state government researchers and extension agents are still using those high quality, reliable software. Please follow this link to see a partial listing of users of our newly released software described below.

Today, taking off from the same high quality tradition that sustained us for years, we are proud to offer you Agrosoft's line of innovative products..

If you treat pesticide rate calculation as a chore and dread the thought of doing one that's different from last year's then you need to try PestCalc for Windows. Learn more about PestCalc for Windows©. . Newly posted: a 30-day fully functional version of PestCalc is now available upon request.

Painless recordkeeping... that is what AgroKeeper for Windows©, a pesticide application recordkeeping program, is all about. Click this link for more information.

'Want to randomize your treatments and layout your field plots even before you set foot on the field? Check out AgroPlotter for Windows©... NEW! Fast and more capable version now available!

PAT Participants: Place your order for one or more of our software WITHIN 30 days from training date and get 25% off listed price. Participant must indicate the name of the PAT coordinator, date and place of training at the back of order form and write TRAIN in the Offer Code field of the same form.


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